Educate U Inclusive Education

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Empowering Students.
Creating Possibilities.

 Welcome to Educate U Inclusive Education

Educate U is a specialist school providing high quality, full-time education for 40 children and young people aged 5 to 16 with a wide range of complex needs.

All our students have an EHCP. Many of our students have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) or anxiety disorders. Some of our students have attachment and trauma barriers to learning.

Each child and young person has a world of potential; and we are here to unlock it. High-quality education in our trauma informed setting is based on strong partnerships between home, school and relevant professionals. Our compassionate staff team are committed to every child achieving and work closely with parents and carers to make sure that our children and young people are happy, safe and that they are achieving success in all areas of school life.


Our Vision & Values

Safety, Trust, Choice, Collaboration, Empowerment

Empowering Students. Creating Possibilities. 

Our vision is to provide high-quality, personalised education and therapy for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and trauma in Sussex.


Kind words from others

  • I feel so happy knowing when he leaves me in the morning, that he is relaxed and keen to go. We have our bubbly boy creeping back to us, makes me quite teary, its been so long. - Parent
  • My child struggled in mainstream education for many years & joining the Educate U family has made such a difference. For the first time ever, my child gets the support & education they deserve. The Educate U staff have gone above & beyond to make the school a happy nurturing environment. I just hope they add a sixth form. - Parent
  • Every single member of staff I have been around is a credit to the school. They are all calm and focused and committed. I know you have a wealth of complex needs to deal with and yet it’s a happy school. I am so please my girls are part of this. Thank you both for setting up this amazing provision. - Parent
  • My son started at Educate U after a long journey. Over 2 years out of education. Not fitting in or being understood. His anxiety too high to go out and self esteem very low. He has been at Educate U for 5 months 100% attendance and engaging with staff and pupils making friends. He feels excepted, understood and happy and safe which enables him to engage in education with support for both child and family from amazing staff - Parent
  • My son had been out of education for a long time, so it was a big step reintegrating him back into school, but from the moment I went to look around I felt instantly at ease. The teachers have so much understanding, patience, empathy, and they really treat the children with such kindness. My boy had some initial struggles, which was expected but they worked so closely with myself to do everything in their powers to make him feel safe and secure. - Parent
  • We have a very excited lad ready for school! He has asked all weekend if he has school tomorrow bless him. Hats off to you both, I’ve not seen him this keen since primary, thank you! - Parent
  • Any comments I make at any time, share away! If I can let others see what a difference in such a short time you have boosted Alfie’s confidence, it may help other anxious potential new pupils feel more at ease. I love all the ways you are working with him, little but often. Fun but firm, it’s having such a positive effect, thank you! - Parent
  • Just seeing the difference is so comforting, knowing he is experiencing the feeling he ‘belongs’ somewhere at last. Watching him unpeel the layers of the boy we have all missed so much. Even on his not-so-great days, he is doing so well. His progress academically is fantastic, we are so proud of him and thankyou is a tiny work when exchange for the massive effort from you, Vicki and everyone else involved. - Parent
  • For the first time in years, I look forward to emails from a school! He is so much happier and easy going. Even happy to chat about what he has done! Its amazing! You really are delving into the boy that we know and his potential, we are so thankful. - Parent