School Calendar 2021-2022

Term Dates

Autumn Term

Wednesday 8th September – Tuesday 14th December

Half term

Monday 25th October – Friday 29th October


Wednesday 15th December – Wednesday 5th January 2022

Spring Term

Thursday 6th January – Friday 8th April

Half term

Monday 21st February – Friday 25th February


Monday 11th April – Friday 22nd April

Summer Term

Monday 25th April – Friday 15th July

Half Term

Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June

Inset Days

Please note that we are taking all Inset Days, apart from 1st November, in holiday time.

Monday 6th September – Safeguarding

Tuesday 7th September – Lego Therapy

Monday 1st November – Emotional Resilience

Tuesday 4th January – English and Literacy training

Wednesday 5th January – Mathematics, Numeracy and STEM training

Monday 18th July – Team Building

Tuesday 19th July – Positive Handling and PACE training

IEP Days

Please note that these are non-school days for our children and attend only for their meeting with
their families.

27th September – Targets for the year

14th December – Review 1

School Calendar 2021-2022

25th April – Review 2

4th July – Review 3

Therapeutic Parenting Programme

This is a course we are offering to 6 families. Families commit to all 10 sessions. We will run the
course in the Spring Term if there is a demand.

Every Thursday 13:30 – 14:30

Date TBC
Wk 1 – My childhood
Wk 2 – My Triggers
Wk 3 – My child
Wk 4 – Feelings
Wk 5 – Laying the foundations
Wk 6 – Stages and Attachment
Wk 7 – Mental Health
Wk 8 – All behaviours are communication Pt 1
Wk 9 – All behaviours are communication Pt 2
Wk 10 – Reflections


Tuesday – Richard and Nicola’s groups

Wednesday – Wendy and Kayleigh’s groups

Thursday – Primary

Horse Riding

Bi-weekly on a Thursday

Outdoor Education

Wednesday – Primary throughout Autumn Term
Wednesday – Secondary throughout Summer