Health & Safety and Premises Policy

Health & Safety and Premises Policy

The provision of Health and Safety Regulations, Codes of Practice and instructions on safety matters shall be brought to the attention of and observed by all employees. Agreed practices for spillage of body fluids, illness and emergency evacuation procedures are to be found within our Procedures. Regular and systematic inspections of the environment will be carried out by members of the Staff team who will report any faults.  All accidents shall be reported in accordance with the prescribed procedure.

A building check will take place daily and weekly, monthly checks will take place and recorded within the H & S file located in the office. All staff have responsibility to report any breakages, damage to the building to allow for repairs or replacements to take place.

Person responsible: Kerry Simmons

The following are kept in the office.

  • Electric safety cert
  • Fire safety cert
  • Gas safety Cert
  • Public liability Insurance
  • H & S folder
  • Fire safety folder
  • Medication /accident

The size of the classrooms must not compromise either the health and safety of pupils or the teaching at the school. Each room will have a maximum of 6 students and a minimum of one teacher and one TA.  This enables the staff to move around the classroom easily and be able to help each pupil and be able to reach pupils in the event of an emergency. Pupils are able to evacuate the classroom safely.

Educate U will ensure that.

  • the establishment is so organised that there is no unacceptable risk to employees, young people, members of the public and property and ensure that steps are taken to remove or control the hazard.
  • all staff are properly briefed and trained in their duties and responsibilities,
  • they set a personal example and encourage a safe attitude towards work amongst all employees.
  • They report all accidents and ensure that information, which is relevant to employees’ safety, health and welfare at work, is readily available for scrutiny.
  • where appropriate that records, reports and registers are maintained and readily available for inspection and that abstracts, where appropriate, are kept posted.
  • that all new employees attend induction course(s) on the safety precautions and procedures associated with their work, fire evacuation procedures and drills, other emergency procedures first aid and hygiene facilities, accident reporting procedures and major hazards and risks.

All Staff will:

  • Take personal responsibility to appraise themselves of Health and Safety policies and procedures pertaining to the care of children and themselves.
  • Observe all safety rules at all times.
  • Comply with instructions given on health and safety matters.
  • accidents and notifiable diseases are reported to the Director of Education so that reports can be made to the management on unsafe and unhealthy conditions and practices, together with recommendations for corrective action.
  • Consideration of reports and factual information provided by Inspectors for the enforcing authority, appointed under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)
  • Knowledge of the First Aider provision and training for employees and young people.
  • A watch on the effectiveness of the safety content of employee training.
  • A watch on the adequacy of safety and health communications and publicity in the workplace.
  • Review of the safety policy including codes of safety practices.
  • Review of hazard and accident reporting procedures.
  • Review of procedures for reporting and dealing with health and safety problems.

The Board of Directors

The Board has clearly set out the functions of staff at the school and written these into individual job descriptions. Has made the staff fully aware of what the is expected of them, checks that they are competent to meet those expectations, and arranges that there are trained staff where necessary to be competent to carry out their functions. The Board acknowledge that co-operation from all staff in health and matters is essential for controlling risks and complying with legal requirements, and that this is being achieved. It recognises and sets out the roles of specialists (e.g. education advisers, safety officers, fire precaution officers, outside contractors) and the means of liaising effectively with them.  They are communicating effectively with each other and with the LA officials, staff, parents and pupils. Inspections are undertaken by the Health and Safety Committee, including the school Health and Safety representative each term. Spot checks, accident report and investigation of First Aid provision and policies.

Signed: Susan Evans Director of Education

Date: 15/03/2021

Review date: 09/08/2021

Next Review: 01/09/2022