Accessibility Plan


Educate U School is a fully inclusive school which aims to give every student the opportunity to access a full and broad curriculum and feel valued and included within the school community. We are a single level site and aim to make all adjustments possible to support full access for students and staff. We are committed to actively promoting equal opportunities with all staff and students.


In line with the Equality Act 2010 the aims of this policy are to:

  • Ensure all students, including those with a disability as defined within the Equality Act, have access to a full and broad curriculum.
  • Ensure that reasonable and suitable adjustments are made to the physical environment to ensure students with a disability are able to participate fully in school life.
  • Respond to individual student need to make suitable adaptations to the physical environment.
  • Overcome potential barriers to learning and assessment for students with a physical or learning disability.


Reasonable Adjustments:

The school’s duty to make reasonable adjustments is summarised in the Equality Act 2010 as:

The school is offering placement to young people with physical disabilities, trauma and Attachment needs, SEN Behaviour, Social and Emotional Difficulties.

We are committed to making reasonable adjustments for students with SEN and learning disabilities. These are explained in further detail below.

  • Information of Students’ Needs and plans for Accessibility ( IEP)
  • Whole staff training is provided to share information on individual students.
  • Where appropriate, specific advice is provided from advisory services such as CAHMS & OT
  • Individual workshops are provided throughout the year to respond to individual student need or specific change in circumstances.
  • Feedback from lesson observations or student tracking activities provide specific support on improving accessibility where appropriate.
  • Details of reasonable adjustments to be made by teachers and support staff are provided on the initial placement paperwork feeding the IEP.
  • Individual students are reviewed termly and any relevant actions for modifying reasonable adjustments are made.
  • During transition procedures, the Pastoral and Inclusion team request information from previous schools about any identified areas of need.

The Headteacher will review all information and arrange a meeting with the student and family before the point of transition. The Headteacher will chair and attend the relevant EHCP review.

Transport arrangements are made with the family or local authority where appropriate, so students have easy access to the school buildings.

Training activities are available for staff at regular points throughout the year. This includes Trauma/attachment, positive handling, Autism awareness, Dyslexia awareness and supporting students with ADHD. We support and offer advice on effective differentiation strategies through team meetings, Thursdays Child, IEP reviews, observations and learning walks.

Where appropriate, a modified or alternative curriculum is provided to ensure students have equal opportunities to achieve. Therapeutic Curriculum is offered to students who are unable to access the full curriculum.

At key stage 4, through consultation with the student and their family, students embark on an option package.

  • Action
  • Success Criteria
  • Lead Person
  • Timescale

Our curriculum promotes accelerated learning and skills for learning. All lessons will include effective differentiation strategies so that all students can access the curriculum and make progress.



January 2021

Parent social evenings to be identified and published (COVID 19 arrangements) actioned see school calendar 2021 2022.


January 2022

Development of therapeutic and OT provision within the school.