Our Ethos

It is likely your child or a child you work with, is clearly bright and capable but not thriving in their mainstream primary or secondary school. You can see they need help and support with their emotions, behaviour and learning and you are now beginning to explore possible alternatives.

Your child might be facing exclusion, feels left out and stressed or simply cannot cope in the current setting.

We are here to help!

At Educate U we offer full time education to young people who are experiencing difficulties with accessing education, and we will explore the causes of those difficulties and develop strategies from a trauma informed viewpoint. Every child and young person have a wealth of potential and we are here to unlock it.

We believe that every child is important and deserves the best educational chances. Working together, we can achieve this and prepare our youngsters for a brighter future and to enjoy and love learning.

Educate U is here to help students to develop their social skills and to be confident and respectful, both in their interactions with other people and as self-advocates.

We will support students to develop skills both in their learning and in their personal development. Appropriate and effective communication skills are key to enable people to manage in a wider community.

It is important to put the joy back into learning to identify the positives in attending school.  We will work towards supporting young people who are struggling in a mainstream environment and need support to change behaviours or perceptions of school.

Educate U’s learning environment will encourage the development of self-esteem and a positive self-image, increasing the student’s awareness and understanding of their environment and the wider world. We aim to provide an environment which will enable them to make choices and decisions and to exercise some control over their environment and themselves. Providing equal opportunities for all   students regardless of gender, cultural, ethnic, or religious background.

Educate U’s curriculum is bespoke to each individual and will where possible follow the National Curriculum for the identified Key Stage.  We will cover the core subjects of Maths, English and PSHE. This will be identified after our admission process has been completed.

​Educate U will provide a variety of activities developing lively, imaginative, and enquiring minds, encouraging, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Educate U will develop Numeracy and Literacy skills supporting the student’s learning and helping them to achieve their full potential whilst encouraging students to explore, to question and to challenge.

Educate U will support personal and moral values, respect for shared values and for other cultures, religions, and ways of life.  We will work with the students to understand how they fit within society and support with the reintegration back into a wider educational community.


Please take a look at our OFSTED report here


August 2020 School material change inspection report here

October 2020 School material change inspection report here


Multi agency working – Educate U will work with a variety of professionals to ensure cohesive and collaborative working to enable the best provision to be identified for each young person.